Lets Go Somewhere

NoteThePlace (NTP) helps you find song recordings by the places mentioned in the song. It uses a database of lyrics to identify songs by the places you click on a map.

When you select a place, it gives you a list of songs in which that place's name appears in the lyrics.

It doesn't always get it right of course. For example, if "Charlotte" appears in a song lyric, its more likely to be about a girl called Charlotte than it is about the city in North Carolina.

But then again, it might be about The City. So logged-in users get to help our research by confirming whether a song really is about a place or not (or just maybe).

To help them make that choice, we provide other resources about the song: the lyrics, a description of the artist and a recording of a portion of the song (where it is available). We also show other places with the same name, so users can quickly navigate to them and select them instead.

Getting started is easy: Just click on your favourite place name below, and let NTP find you songs about it. When you arrive at the map, click on it anywhere, and NTP will perform a search of lyrics which contain the places near where you clicked.

So go ahead - click on a place below and see what you can find...